Ski Boot Fitting, Custom orthotics, and more

Temps are dropping in the mountains and the white stuff is starting to fly. We are expecting a big year with el nino on the way so do yourself a favor and book an appointment with the boot doctors today! Theres no need to fight hot spots, black toe-nails, and sloppy feet this season. Get yourself the fit you deserve so your not that person on the lift whining about their feet!

Inkline Foot Science Guarantees a custom fit,  Enabling you to take your sport to the next level

Who We Fit

Theres a reason we fit all the pro men and women in the ski and snowboard industry.

Because we truly care about our customers and we to are skiiers, snowboarders, golfers, hunters, and athletes just like you.
We follow the same process and spend the same amount of time with all skill levels; It Works!Who We Fit

The Inkline Team

Chris OConnor (O.C.)
Chris OConnor (O.C.)shop founder
Chris is a straight-shooter and simply very good at what he does. Like many people he fits, Chris is a skier, pro motorcross driver, hunter, mountain biker and many things more that force him to take care of his body. He starts from the feet up with custom foot-orthotics and claims they’re the reason he can still compete after multiple crash injuries. At the end of the day Chris is a loving husband and father of his beautiful daughter above.
Corey Shop Manager
This guy spends alot of time in the shop keeping operations running smooth but, when hes out of work you can bet that hes up at Snowbird or Alta shredding

Are you Lost? We are right here at 2929 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84109.

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